The effects of death and post-mortem cold ischemia on human tissue transcriptomes


Supporting material for the manuscript

Data Availability.

The transcriptome data used in this analysis belongs to the GTEx project and is available from dbGaP (accession phs000424.v6.p1) with multiple publicly available data views available from the GTEx Portal.

Differential expression, splicing and visualization

Bundle of files with R code for different expression, splicing and visualization functions. Additionally, it contains several auxiliary files derived from other sources used for the analysis (e.g. exon coordinates obtained from Gencode annotation). All these files are described and can be found here.

Machine learning models for PMI prediction

The bundle of files with R code and models for PMI prediction can be found here (214 MB). The README file inside contains details on how to run all of the PMI prediction model fitting and analyses.